Yusuff Ali's inspiring visit to the Kasaragod Disability Research Centre

08 September, 2023

Lulu Group Chairman and Managing Director, MA Yusuff Ali, visits the Kasaragod Disability Research Centre. Yusuff Ali touched the hearts of hundreds of differently-abled children, as he revealed the official logo of this research centre under the leadership of the Different Art Centre.

During his visit, Yusuff Ali not only revelled in the artistic talents showcased by differently-abled children but also engaged in conversations with the differently-abled individuals and their parents, displaying his genuine interest in their well-being. In his address during the visit, Yusuff Ali emphasized society's moral obligation to recognize and nurture the inherent abilities of differently-abled individuals, stressing that being differently-abled should never be viewed as a deficiency. He passionately stated that our lives are enriched when we embrace diversity and provide equal opportunities for all. He lauded the invaluable work carried out by the Different Art Centre, describing it as a remarkable asset to the differently-abled community. He also pledged unwavering support for the Kasaragod project and the activities of the Different Art Centre. Yusuff Ali was honoured by the Different Art Centre at the function, alongside Gopinath Muthukad - Executive Director, Different Art Centre. Raghuchandran Nair, and Ganesh Kumar - Managing Director, Avoki.

The project aspires to be completed within a thousand days, ultimately benefiting one thousand differently-abled individuals. Gopinath Muthukad emphasized that the support of several such kind-hearted individuals is crucial in achieving this noble goal.