About Different Art Centre

Different Art Centre educates and empowers specially abled children with various disabilities -not just intellectual-and expand the focus of training from concentrating on magic to art forms such as music, dance, drama, cinema making, painting and skills in various musical instruments, all blended with a magical touch.

Our Vision
Our vision is to develop a world class art centre, that provides training and opportunities for talented mentally challenged children in our society to showcase their learned skills before wide audience. Different Art Centre strives to enrich the physical and mental development through various art forms with the touch of magic, thereby a supportive environment that will empower differently abled children to stand on their own legs and lead a meaningful life. 

Opening of the Different Art Centre
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan formally inaugurated the Different Art Centre on Thursday, 07 November 2019. He termed the Different Art Centre at the Magic Planet, founded by magician Gopinath Muthukad, as an exemplary model for the intellectual and mental progress of differently abled children. He added that the project has become a proud initiative of the government which has been working on transforming the State into a differently abled friendly one. The centre has developed various platforms to engage 100 differently abled children with autistic disorders by showcasing their talents in music, dance, painting and skills in various musical instruments.

The centre aims to empower these children by recognising and sharpening their raw talents through special and appropriate methods. The appreciation from the audience, reaching the centre from different parts of the world, increases a sense of confidence and better self-awareness of all participants.

We have an ethics committee comprising of distinguished personalities from fields of innovation, Social justice, medical, finance and media:

Dr. K. M. Abraham IAS
Executive Vice Chairperson
Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council
Government of Kerala
Dr. Babu George
Child Development Centre, Trivandrum
Government of Kerala
Dr. Arun B Nair
Assistant Professor in Psychiatry
Medical College, Trivandrum
Government of Kerala
Dr.Gita Gopal
Former Lead Evaluation Expert,
World Bank
Sri. Mahesh Gupthan
Malayala Manorama
National daily in Malayalam
Dr. Leena Sumaraj
Social Scientist
Child Development Centre, Trivandrum
Government of Kerala
Sri. Gopinath Muthukad
Executive Director
Academy of Magical Sciences
Trivandrum, Kerala
Sri. Chandrasenan Mithirmala
Academy of Magical Sciences
Trivandrum, Kerala
Global Ambassador: Mohan Kumar, Businessperson, Singapore

We have an operational advisory board with dedicated specialists in various streams and from across the world. In addition to involvement in initiatives on social causes, they have proven excellence in their respective fields of activity.
Benny Vachachira
Businessperson, Chicago, USA

Babu Rajendran
General Secretary, Indian Social Club,
Sultanate of Oman

Chandrasenan Mithirmala
DAC-Management, Kerala, India

Dr. Finosh G Thankam, PhD.
Academician / Scientist, California, USA

Gopinath Muthukad
DAC-Management, Kerala, India &
Celebrity UNICEF Advocate

Jayakumar Narayanan
Businessperson, Singapore

Mohan Kumar
Businessperson, Singapore
Prahlad Acharya
Shadowgrapher and Ventriloquist
Mangalore, India

Raibin Raphy
Technologist, Portland, USA

Shyla Thomas
Writer / Businessperson, Kerala, India

Tomy Varghese
Engineer Entrepreneur, Dubai, UAE

Ullas Kumar
Technology Consultant, Singapore

Fr. (Dr.) Vincent Pereppadan
Jesuit priest and educational researcher
California, USA

Aiming to empower and educate

From our guest book

"I congratulate Gopinath Muthukad and his team for exploring the hidden talents of these differently abled children. The use of magic to bring out the inherent talents of these disabled children was a creative way of telling the world that they are not differently able or disabled but specially abled and they could achieve wonders."

Dr. Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Former Vice-President of India

Initial Spark

In 2017, Magic Academy, in partnership with the Government of Kerala and its Anuyatra (Walking together) Program, a comprehensive rights-based life cycle approach in disability management, began its journey to integrate differently abled children into its programs. This paved the way for Magic Academy’s journey towards an inclusive society and towards empowering differently abled community to join the mainstream.

Birth of MPOWER Centre

Inspired by the highly successful performance of the children, Magic Academy decided to establish a permanent performance platform for them -Mpower centre in 2017. This Centre trains and develops their talents, while ensuring life skills to make them more confident and self-aware.

Education for Children

Along with artistic development, DAC has formulated comprehensive learning program that encompasses basic functionalities of learning such as Reading, Writing, Simple Mathematics, Language Development, Simple Matching Exercises, Puzzle Exercises, Simple Sequences and Attention through sound as well as behavioural coaching.

Want to get involved?

You can get involved with the works that we do at the Different Art Centre. From volunteering for a small work to sponsor a project, there are multiple roles that you can play to make a difference in our social life.


Our first goal is to identify the differently abled children and their inherent talents.


We apply various methods to enlighten the spark of talent in the identified children and nurture them to grow.


Along with artistic development, Magic Academy has formulated educational programs for the intellectual development






Dedicated Staff