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No science has ever told how a child is born differently, There are only assumptions. There is no complete cure to this condition, only early detection and proper interventions can help. As a person who adores magic, my attention was on how magic could help these innocent children.

As the first attempt paved the path, we were enthusiastic to take up on mission to change the life of many special children and with profound happiness I present the world's first ever art centre exclusive for differently abled children - our Different Art Centre. For now the centre has changed the life of many and is sure to change many more in future.

Gopinath Muthukad

Aiming to empower and educate

From our guest book

"I congratulate Gopinath Muthukad and his team for exploring the hidden talents of these differently abled children. The use of magic to bring out the inherent talents of these disabled children was a creative way of telling the world that they are not differently able or disabled but specially abled and they could achieve wonders."

Dr. Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Former Vice-President of India