Education for the specially needed

Along with artistic development, Magic Academy has formulated educational programs for the intellectual development of differently abled artistes at Different Art Centre, thereby ensuring their smooth passage into the mainstream of society. A Comprehensive learning program has been designed at the Different Art Centre to acquire the basic functionalities of learning such as Reading, Writing, Simple Mathematics, Language Development, Simple Matching Exercises, Puzzle Exercises, Simple Sequences and Attention through sound as well as behavioural coaching. As an initial measure, children have been provided with smart learning tools like tabs for their education. 

The objective of education for differently abled artistes includes:

• Completing their elementary education as a basic requirement through technology enhanced online and tailored learning;

• Improved conceptual understanding, acquisition of speed, and value of teamwork; and

• Enhanced abilities to engage with peers and society.

Aiming to empower and educate

From our guest book

"I congratulate Gopinath Muthukad and his team for exploring the hidden talents of these differently abled children. The use of magic to bring out the inherent talents of these disabled children was a creative way of telling the world that they are not differently able or disabled but specially abled and they could achieve wonders."

Dr. Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Former Vice-President of India