Let's build a future for our children

We are doing our best to bring the marginalized specially-abled children into the mainstream to live a normal good life that they deserve. Most of our children are from poor families and the poverty reduces their readiness for school and creates a barrier for their societal inclusion.

At the Different Art Centre, the children are ensured of a specially crafted education in a healthy and well-maintained environment. DAC also provides daily meals to the children and their accompanying mothers. We also create opportunities for these children to grow in their identified talents and even earn for a living, using those talents. All these are possible with kind contributions from benefactors like you.

You can sponsor a child's education for one year, 6 months or even as short as 3 months. You have option to donate a flat amount too. All donations are eligible for tax deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961, in India. 

How do we spend the money?

We are careful about spending every bit that we receive.  Our team does elaborate work to identify areas that need attention, and our spending is based on this. We have a discipline on this subject and maintain proper records.  The following shows the spread of how we spend a rupee.

Area %
Food for children & mothers
Stipend 16%
Training & Mentoring
Travel & Commuting
Healthcare & Medical
Uniforms & Supplies

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We sincerely thank you for taking an effort to know about us and deciding to support us. This is heartwarming for us and we are sure that you will have the joy of sharing.

Donate to help the children