Introducing the Kasaragod Different Arts Centre model, a new initiative.

01 June, 2023

On 31st May 2023, a significant announcement was made regarding the inauguration of the Different Arts Centre (DAC) in Kasaragod. This center, spearheaded by Gopinath Muthukad, aims to cater to the comprehensive development of differently-abled children in the district. The official event will be held at the Chaitanya Auditorium in Kizhakkumkara.

The planning session for DAC was inaugurated by Rajmohan Unnithan, the Member of Parliament representing the constituency. He expressed his belief that Muthukad's endeavor to bring the realm of Magic into reality is a dream come true. Unnithan highlighted the importance of eradicating barriers, expanding reach, and extending impact in the lives of differently-abled individuals.

The Different Art Centre will introduce a time-tested model, an advanced center that kindles inspiration and promotes inclusivity in Kasaragod. With a focus on art and science, DAC continues its mission of magically transforming lives while empowering the differently-abled.

Notably, individuals affected by the endosulfan issue still require medical treatment, often seeking it in other districts and states. Rajmohan Unnithan emphasized that Muthukad's arrival, along with the establishment of the Different Art Centre, brings a new ray of hope for these individuals. The center will commence its operations on a 25-acre land in the Parambu area of Madikai Panchayat as part of this transformative project.