Report on Adaptive Functioning - 1

A comparison was made between the participant’s baseline assessment (prior to starting training) and assessment done one month after completion of the program, in adaptive functioning. It was found that the retention rate in the program is 75% i.e., 39 out of 52 participants continued in the program. At the outset, it was noticed that the majority of participants expressed happiness to get this opportunity and was found to be quiet positive, emotionally. Parents generally reported noticeable improvements in independently carrying out routine activities within expected time frames.

In the overall adaptive functioning approximately 18% has shown improvement from their levels in the baseline. In Mal-adaptive behavior domain too, 17.94% showed a reduction in behavioural issues.

Among the sub-domains of adaptive functioning, the area in which highest number of participants showed improvement was Socialization wherein 30% of participants showed improvement in social skills. Motor skills and Communication skills improved in about 25% of participants compared to baseline. In the capacity for daily living skills, 15.38% showed betterment from the start of the program.

Source: Different Art Centre, Trivandrum