World Environment Day celebration at Different Art Centre

05 June, 2024

On the occasion of World Environment Day, a poignant celebration was held at the Different Art Centre, inaugurated by Arya Rajendran, the Mayor of Trivandrum. The event was marked by a symbolic sapling distribution, underscoring the imperative of environmental conservation. 

The ceremony emphasized the significance of individual contributions to mitigating ecological degradation. The children of Different Art Centre, with beaming faces, eagerly shared saplings among themselves, fostering a sense of community and mutual responsibility. As they exchanged these tiny symbols of hope, they were not only planting trees but also sowing the seeds of a harmonious relationship with nature. 

Through this initiative, the Different Art Centre demonstrates its dedication to fostering eco-awareness and inspiring action, aligning with the global endeavor to protect the planet's fragile ecosystem. The mayor presented Mr. Maneesh the gardener, with a memento, recognizing his exceptional dedication and hard work in meticulously caring for the plants.