World Autism Awareness Day Celebrations at Different Art Centre

02 April, 2024

World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated at Different Art Centre, with the charismatic slogan of "Empowering Autistic Voices". A special event dedicated to raising awareness and promoting inclusivity for individuals on the autism spectrum. The centre organized various activities and workshops tailored to accommodate the unique needs and talents of individuals with autism. Participants engaged in art projects, music therapy sessions, and sensory-friendly activities, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all attendees.

The celebration not only highlighted the creative abilities of individuals with autism but also emphasized the importance of understanding and embracing neurodiversity within the community. Through this event, the Art Training Centre demonstrated its commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals of all abilities to express themselves creatively and feel a sense of belonging. 

The Autism Day celebration served as a reminder of the value of diversity and the power of art in bringing people together, regardless of their differences. The function was inaugurated by the CEO of Art Training Center, Mrs. Revathy Rugmini, and she spoke about what autism is and how children can come to the mainstream. Dr Anilkumar, Director of Intervention of Art Training Centre delivered the message of the day. The children with autism spectrum disorder then exhibited their incredible talents before the audience.