Wings of Dreams - Empowering With Love in Singapore

22 May, 2022

A total of 25 children with special needs from the Different Art Centre (DAC) performed different art forms like magic, music, instrumental music etc. on a global stage in Singapore.

The team was guided by their mentor and Executive Director, Shri. Gopinath Muthukad who has initiated this program, titled ‘Empowering with Love, with the support of the Malayali Association in Singapore. The team has performed different art forms for a duration of two hours at ‘Agora Hall, Republic of Polytechnic, and Singapore, in front of a distinguished audience, including Mr. Eric Chua the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth of Singapore. 

The program was aimed at creating equal opportunities for children with disabilities to be part of cultural events in society and thereby boost their confidence and social skills. It also helped in raising awareness among the public about disability inclusion and the rights of Children with Disabilities.

On the occasion, Shri. Muthukad responded to the media that, “these kinds of opportunities create awareness among the public that, they are also part of this society and to be accepted as the rest of the society. Also, it helps in resisting the misconceptions of society and the discrimination against them. During all the preparations and the event, I was on cloud nine and excited like their parents. It is also to be added these children travelled in the airbus with other passengers for the first time”.

The chief guest of the event ‘Mr. Eric Chua’ was really amazed by the stunning performance of these children and after the event, he quoted, “I was blown away by what I witnessed. I spent almost 4 hours at this event, but never was there a dull moment!, Kudos to Gopinath Muthukad and his team at the DAC”.

He added that “Children with Disabilities can and do inspire to be best versions of themselves, just like rest of the society, striving to be the best we can be in life.”

 This will prove that they are also normal like others. And this aids in stopping society’s misconceptions and discrimination. I am on cloud nine and excited like their parents. The children will travel in an airbus with other passengers for the first time,” says Muthukad.

The performance titled ‘Empowering With Love’ is an initiative by Muthukad with the support of the Malayali Association in Singapore. The aim is to open opportunities for these youth with disabilities, says Muthukad. 

“Their performances will prove to the world how art can improve their life physically and mentally. The team will perform magic, music and other art forms. We will also explain the changes that occurred in these children through the teaching methods of DAC. It is their first grand stage performance after the pandemic,” he adds.

This is the first time that artists from Thiruvanathapuram-based Different Art Centre (DAC) of Magic Planet -- trained in varied art forms -- will get their chance to make their mark at the global stage as they perform in Singapore today, May 22.

Artists totalling 25 special children guided by their mentor, Gopinath Muthukad, who is himself a magician, will give a two-hour-long performance in the presence of Eric Chua, who is Singapore’s Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development, Culture, Community and Youth.

All of the artists who are students vary from 18 to 26 years and the programme they have scheduled includes dance, music, figure show, mimicry and magic programmes. Their performance which is titled ‘Empowering With Love’ is an initiative by Muthukad in which he is supported by the Malayali Association in Singapore.