Ten children of Different Art Centre make a historic presentation during 34th Kerala Science Congress

12 February, 2022

Adding a golden leaf in history, a group of 10 differently-abled children from the SCIENTIA team of the Magic Planet led by acclaimed magician Gopinath Muthukad presented scientific posters on their research findings during the 34th Kerala Science Congress. Organizers of the highest scientific summit of the State set apart an exclusive slot between 1 pm and 2 pm on 12th February for these children to make their poster presentations. 

It's for the first time that differently-abled children were given an opportunity to present scientific presentation in a major science confluence where seasoned scientists, researchers, and academicians handle the sessions. Apartna P.L., Adarsh Mahendran, Abhijith J.M., Kannan, Muhammed Irfan, Silpa Sasi, Ancy M. Nair, and Sojan Jacob Tharakan were ready with well-set posters that speak candidly about the findings made during diverse research they have done.

Dr. Nisha V.M., who guides these children asserted that the research findings of these children contain pragmatic ideas for society to solve a number of environmental issues. 

Gopinath Muthukad who leads the mission reaffirmed his resolve to empower these children further to ensure their presentations in more national and international science summits. 

Previously the children of SCIENTIA had presented their papers and won accolades during online conferences organized by various departments of the Kerala University and the children's biodiversity congress.  One such was during a conference themed on the environmental issues in the Covid pandemic scenario.