New library opened at Different Art Centre

17 April, 2024

A new library has been opened at the Different Art Centre, dedicated to serving children with disabilities. Named 'ReadAbility', the library aims to entertain and educate these children through stories and introduce them to the world of literature. The chief guest for the event was Dr. Divya S. Iyer IAS, Managing Director, Vizhinjam International Seaport. The inauguration ceremony was graced by H. Dineshan IAS, Director of the Social Justice Department, who emphasized the importance of such libraries in enabling differently-abled individuals to excel in literature. 

Ranganath, an autistic individual who has been training at the Different Art Centre for three years, has been appointed as the librarian. His remarkable ability to memorize and recall numbers astounded the attendees during the inauguration ceremony. Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director, Different Art Centre, highlighted Ranganath's employment as part of a broader initiative to empower differently-abled children professionally.

The library boasts a diverse collection of thousands of books, including stories, poems, biographies, and travelogues. Additionally, an e-book system has been implemented, along with the provision of expert faculty to narrate stories to the children.

The ceremony also recognized the talents of individuals from Different Art Centre, including Varun Ravindran, Harigovind, and Ranganath, alongside Nanditha Biju, who has showcased her talents across various fields. Experts at the International Conference on Comprehensive Education, hosted by Different Art Centre in July 2023, highlighted the positive impact of storytelling on the socio-psychological development of differently-abled children, underscoring the importance of initiatives like the new library in enriching their lives.