Mother's Day celebration at Different Art Centre

12 May, 2024

Children at the Different Art Centre made Mother's Day special by adorning their mothers with crowns of red roses and giving them heartfelt kisses. Amidst the soothing melodies of Amma Tharattu, tears of joy flowed as the children hugged and kissed their mothers. The touching moments drew a standing ovation from the audience, who witnessed the priceless bonds between mothers and their children.

The Mother's Day celebration, inaugurated by Mallika Sukumaran, senior movie actor, highlighted the incomparable role of mothers. Mallika Sukumaran expressed the profound love embodied in the word "Amma," emphasizing the indescribable depth of a mother's affection.

The event commenced with the screening  of ‘Maathruthvam’ (motherhood), a song from the "Pennaal" series, directed by Shyla Thomas, depicted the essence of motherhood. Dr. Marykutty A M, Clinical Linguist at Different Art Centre, presided over the ceremony, with Ravinder Singh, ICMR Scientist, as the chief guest. Mallika Sukumaran presented a collection of heartfelt letters from mothers to their children at Different Art Centre, titled "Snehapoorvam Ammayku," as a souvenir to Ravinder Singh.

Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director, DAC, Shyla Thomas, Director, DAC, and Usha D, Executive Member, Karisma, graced the occasion with their presence. The event featured various art performances by differently-abled children and their mothers, adding to the warmth and joy of the celebration.