MIND Series - Session 7 by Dr. Mohammed Asheel

02 October, 2020

The 7th session of the MIND series was conducted on 02 October 2020. The online session was led by Dr. Mohammed Asheel, Executive Director, Kerala State Social Security Mission (KSSM), Government of Kerala. 

KSSM led by Dr.Asheel had played a major role in establishing the Different Art Centre. Being amongst the forefront warriors in the fight against COVID-19, he is a familiar face for the people of Kerala. Dr.Asheel heads an important initiative in spreading awareness about the infection and helping people with timely instructions to keep the fatal virus away. 

While sharing his inspiration message to the children at DAC, he also explained the mammoth task of handling the pandemic. He asked the children to stay happy and build themselves for a better future. Parents of the children also actively participated in the interactive session.