Mind series - Discussion led by Dr. Arun B Nair

18 August, 2020

MIND has been well received as a trustworthy platform to discuss the various issues faced by the children in the Different Art Centre (DAC). The first session in the series after the inauguration of MIND was held on Sunday, 16 August. The primary focus of the session was a discussion led by Dr. Arun B Nair, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Medical College Thiruvananthapuram. Dr. Arun Nair is also an author, columnist, trainer, motivational speaker, and public health activist. 

The discussion session focused on specific matters to be taken care of when the children stay at home with relatively less outdoor activities, especially during the lock-down period. Dr. Arun Nair suggested a list of engaging activities to the children and their parents. In the highly interactive session, he stressed the need for children to be remaining active and healthy during the period, when they are detached from the world outside their homes. 

The online programme was also attended by Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director and Chandrasenan Mithirmala, Director from Magic Academy along with Divya, Co-ordinator from DAC.

The MIND programme series envisages weekly sessions for children and parents to discuss their issues and concerns. The widely accepted online motivational program - MIND was inaugurated on 12 August 2020 in an online conference.