Manjari’s humble marriage celebrations at DAC spread a vibrant message to society.

24 June, 2022

Popular playback singer Manjari got married and she celebrated the marriage functions with the students at DAC, Different Art Centre. Manjari along with her husband reached Different Art Centre immediately after the formalities with respect to the wedlock. The groom, Jerin is a longtime friend of Manjari and by profession, he is an HR Manager.

Manjari and Jerin were invited to the stage called Camille Cascade at DAC for the function. Sri. Gopinath Muthukad took the lead to welcome the couple and all the differently abled children at DAC along with all the staff at DAC and Magic planet also joined in the functions.

Musical fest with musical instruments and the traditional ‘ Chendamelam’ tendered by DAC students added up glitters to the celebrations. Ruksana and Parvathy, the students at DAC further colored up the event by singing the song ‘ Thamarakuruvikku thattamidu’ a song which has given a break to Manjari in her playback career. The students at DAC along with all the crowd have joined Ruksana and Parvathy made the event a big josh.

Manjari and Jerin came down to the crowd and joined them to make the event more colorful and simple. Manjari also sang a song to give a complete edge to happiness. Manjari has said, Different Art Centre has been in her mind as the venue for celebration when she gets married. She added, “The positive energy she feels whenever visiting DAC is the reason behind choosing DAC and the marriage celebrations are incomplete if the function is attempted somewhere outside.

Followed by the events, the ‘Sadhya’, pioneered by Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboodiri served everyone. Manjari and Jerin also joined to serve “Sadhya’. DAC, which has witnessed the first marriage function in its history, and only the close relatives of the bride and groom were present.

 Celebrating the marriage at DAC with the differently abled community, Manjari has given a clear message to the society, since the differently abled community is still kept aside from such joyful functions. Of course, this will be an eye-opener for society.