KS Chitra's Snehacharth : A musical start to the MOM unit at the Different Art Centre

02 May, 2023

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Well-known Singer KS Chithra inaugurated an entrepreneurial unit of mothers at the Different Art Centre by embroidering 'With Love, KS Chitra' on a handkerchief.  The entrepreneurial units started by the mothers of differently-abled children at the Different Art Centre is an initiative led by Gopinath Muthukad.  In her inaugural address, KS Chithra said that such "MOM" units are a great solution to the neglect faced by mothers of differently-abled children. The smile on their faces today is the biggest proof of that.  She added that when we see the enthusiasm of children and mothers, their limitations and sorrows are dissolved and this has been made possible by the well-known magician & philanthropist, Mr. Gopinath Muthukad.

K.S Chitra was gifted with items made by the mothers of the MOM unit as a gesture of love and thanks. Later, the mothers performed a song for K.S Chitra at a function held at The Grand Theatre.  K.S Chitra graced the occasion by singing the songs requested by the mothers and children making the ceremony a musical extravaganza. With the inauguration of the MOM Unit, the units that manufacture LED bulbs, garments, jewelry, handicrafts, food items, cosmetics, printing garments, etc. have also been launched. There are separate manufacturing units for each category.  The centre aims to identify marketing potential for the products manufactured here with quality and reach out to as many people as possible.    

The MOM Centre has mothers of around 300 children from the Different Art Centre. The centre is functioning in such a way that the dividend is fully available to the families of the differently-abled children.