Heartfelt farewell for the differently-abled children of DAC heading to Oman

27 April, 2024

Differently-abled children from the Different Art Centre were bid a warm farewell as they embarked on a journey to Oman for an autism awareness program. The event, organized in collaboration with Oman National University of Science and Technology, saw Katakampally Surandran, MLA, Priya, Airport Manager, and Mahesh Guptan, Corporate Communication Head extending their best wishes to the children.

Christine Rose Tojo, Ruxana Anwar, Vishnu R, Ardra Anil, and Aparna Suresh were among the children of DAC who received heartfelt farewells. The event, named NU Autism Awareness Day, is a joint initiative between the Oman National Autism Center and the Different Art Centre.

Scheduled until April 30, 2024, the program includes the presentation of the teaching model based on magic as an art by Different Art Centre to faculties of Oman University, government officials, and disability experts. Following this, the children will demonstrate the skills they've gained through training at the Different Art Centre.

Accompanying the children are Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director, DAC, Dr. Muhammad Asheel, World Health Organization National Professional Officer, Minu Ashok, Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, DAC, Bharatharajan, Creative Head, and Rajina Jose, following an official invitation from Dr. Ali Bimani, Vice-Chancellor of Oman National University of Science and Technology.