Foundation Stone for Different Sports Centre to be laid by Sports Minister E.P. Jayarajan

30 December, 2020

Following the footsteps of Different Arts Centre, Magic Planet is launching Different Sports Centre for the physical as well as the mental development of the differently abled. The center will focus on providing training and facilities for the differently abled children, to stay physically strong and mentally motivated.  
The foundation stone for Different Sports Centre, will be laid by the Minister of Industries and Sports, E.P.Jayarajan, at 03:00 pm on 31 December 2020. The ceremony will be held at the proposed site for the Different Sports Centre, at the Magic Planet premises  

With the success of the Different Arts Centre, where differently abled children are trained in various artforms, along with magic, we have had the privilege to experience the positive change it brought about in the children. We aim to take it to the next level with this new venture, by inculcating exercise routines, yoga, meditation, and other team sports to develop agility, and to encourage children to be team-players and for them to stay physically fit. These activities would improve the physical and mental health and would contribute to an overall well-rounded personality development in children with special needs.