Different Art Centre's teaching model considered for implementation in Oman

30 April, 2024

The Different Art Centre (DAC) is in talks to introduce its unique teaching approach for children with special needs in Oman. This teaching model, focusing on magic as an art form, was introduced during an autism awareness event hosted by the Oman National University of Science and Technology. Discussions ensued regarding the possibility of adopting this model in Oman.

Key figures including Rashid bin Ahmed Al Shamsi from Oman's Social Development Department, Dr. Ali al Bimani, Vice Chancellor, National University of Science and Technology, and Prof. Yahia Alfarisi, Chairman, Autism Society, participated in the discussions. Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director, Different Art Centre, expressed gratitude for the interest shown in their teaching methodology.

DAC's approach involves teaching various art forms like dance, music, and painting tailored to the needs of differently-abled children. Certifications from government bodies like the Child Development Centre and ICONS highlight positive changes in the children's psychomotor skills through this method. This report was jointly presented by Gopinath Muthukad, Dr. Muhammad Asheel, World Health Organization National Professional Officer, and Minu Ashok, Senior Corporate Relationship Manager, DAC, in front of the experts.

Vishnu R, Christine Rose Tojo, Ruksana Anwar, Ardra Anil, and Aparna Suresh, who were trained at Different Art Centre gave a fusion performance of Magic and Music which was received by the audience with applause. Vishnu, Aparna, and Ardra performed Magic, Christine on Keyboard, and Ruxana on Violin, literally wowed the audience, including faculty members, government officials, and disability experts. The performers received certificates in recognition of their talent and contribution.