Special children Vishnu and Ruksana from DAC honoured by union health minister Mansukh L. Mandavya

20 June, 2023

NEW DELHI, Kerala - June 20:

In a momentous occasion, Union Health Minister, Mansukh L. Mandavya, expressed his admiration and appreciation for the exceptional talents showcased by R Vishnu and Ruksana Anwar at the G20 co-brand conference.

The duo students from the Different Art Center (DAC), Trivandrum also made their home state Kerala proud by their outstanding magic and music performances.

The felicitation ceremony, held under the banner of the "Health of Youth Wealth of Nation" programme, highlighted the extraordinary abilities of differently-abled children at the DAC.

During the event, Vishnu R, who lives with cerebral palsy and faces challenges in verbal communication, astonished the minister with his remarkable performance of magic. Despite changing three cards out of six, Vishnu effortlessly managed to keep six cards intact, leaving the audience in awe. The Minister commended Vishnu for his remarkable dexterity and skill in executing the tricks.

Ruksana Anwar, who faces intellectual challenges, also captivated the minister with her mesmerizing violin rendition of the popular Malayalam song "Kannamthumpi Poramo." Her talent and passion for music left the audience spellbound, showcasing the transformative power of the arts in enriching lives.

The performances also drew admiration from several esteemed individuals, including Dr. Rodrigo Afrin, the Country Head of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Deputy Head Payden . Their recognition further emphasizes the significance of the students' achievements and the positive impact of DAC's initiatives.

Vishnu has been training in magic at the DAC since 2017, while Ruksana began her instrumental music training in 2019. The constant guidance and support provided by the center have helped them overcome their challenges and develop their talents to exceptional levels. At just 22 years old, Vishnu's exceptional skills have earned him the distinction of being the brand ambassador for the Kerala government's Anuyatra scheme.

Gopinath Muthukad, the executive director of the DAC  and Vishnu's trainer in magic, explained to the Health Minister that Vishnu's progress has been remarkable. From a child who struggled to grasp objects accurately, Vishnu can now effortlessly perform complex tricks, comparable to those performed by professional magicians, including the renowned Houdini escape.

The children performed in the 'Marketplace' event at the conference which serves as a platform to showcase India's best practices in ensuring the health and well-being of adolescents.

Their selection for this prestigious opportunity stems from their direct involvement and understanding of the DAC's efforts towards the holistic development of differently-abled adolescents.

Mr Muthukad also presented a certified report from government agencies, including the Child Development Centre and Icons, highlighting the successful implementation of the unique learning methodology at the DAC. The report emphasized the significant positive impact of utilizing magic as the primary teaching medium, showcasing notable improvements in the mental and intellectual capabilities of differently-abled children.

The DAC continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing talent and transforming lives. Currently, over 300 children from various parts of the country are receiving comprehensive training at the center, empowering them to reach their full potential.

The honouring of Vishnu and Ruksana by Minister Mandavya underscores the remarkable accomplishments of differently-abled individuals and serves as a powerful testament to the importance of inclusivity and support in enabling their success.