Benevolence of Different Art Centre (DAC), a boon to Kasaragod.

23 November, 2022

KERALASREE, Sri. Gopinath Muthukad’s humanity engineering spreading its tides outside Trivandrum. During an event held at kasaragod to extend the help & support to the Endosulfan victims, Shri. Muthukad has expressed his aspiration to set up a centre at Kasaragod.

 In the event, Shri. Muthukad gifted an Electronic Crane and a wheel chair to ease the daily life of Shri.Abdul Rahaman, native of Chengala in kasaragod, who is a victim of Endosulfan tragedy. The proposed centre at Kasaragod will follow the DAC model, a proven modality to train, nurture and empower the specially-abled.

 Proposed centre at Kasaragod would be constructed in 16 acres of land & the land donated by Sri. Lookka, former Hindi professor at BCM College. Architect Sri. Manoj Ottappalam will steer the Architectural domain to go the dream true.

 Sri. Muthukad had visited the house of Shri. Abdhul Rahman in October 25th and realized the need of a wheel chair as he could witness the difficulties of Abdhul Rahman. The wheel chair and electronic crane presented by Shri. Muthkad will certainly help to great extend to simplify the difficulties being faced by Sri. Rahman.

 Sri. Abdullah, Father of Abdhul Rahman, Shri.Kadher Bhadariya, President – Chengala Grama Panchayath were present in the function. Sri. Jothi Thekkinkattil, Sri. Radhakrishnan and Sri. Manoj Ottappalam also were witnessed the event.

 Besides the centre proposed at chengala, Sri. Muthukad had already expressed his active participation towards the project called,   ‘Rehabilitation village’ announced by Govt. of Kerala to take care of endosulfan victims, which is going to be constructed at Bovikanam Village in Kasaragod.