" UNVEILED THE UNBELIEVABLE" - A project by Different Art Centre

09 August, 2022

Ranganathan, a differently abled 18 year old boy from Different Art Centre (DAC) astonished the large crowd that had gathered in a venue at DAC with the Number Magic. The Hon’ble. Chief Secretary, Sri. V.P. Joy IAS, Smt. Shylaja Teacher MLA, Sri. Santhosh Koshy Thomas, the Chairman of KINFRA, and all the leading media along with students at DAC and their parents, and staff, were gathered for the event and all of them were amazed and excited by the performance of Ranganathan.

The first question for Ranganathan was asked by Shylaja Teacher - “How many Covid cases were reported on December 9, 2020?” The answer came from Ranganathan within seconds, which was 4875. The answer was confirmed with the help of the Covid portal which was connected to the projector and displayed on the huge screen. Afterward, the Chief Secretary raised a question about another day’s Covid count.  Ranganathan replied with the exact count without even taking a minute's time, it was in the blink of an eye!  Next, the questions were made a little trickier by asking the dates of certain Covid counts reported.

Ranganathan did not even wait to hear finish up the question and answered the date, month, and year!!!

The entire crowd and the media went silent for seconds in astonishment, then started applauding, which seemed like a never-ending one. People from the crowd and media began to ask Covid counts with respect to dates and contrariwise. Ranganathan had been sitting there looking unbeaten and had been answering all the questions with confidence.

Before winding up the program, the Shylaja Teacher asked a final question to Ranganathan, “What is my car number?”  Before the teacher finished the question, Ranganathan answered the car number!

Ranganathan, who is a second batch student in DAC has completed his academics which is equivalent to +2. At DAC, he is currently undergoing training under SCIENTIA, an R&D domain being led by Dr. Nisha.

In the inaugural speech, Chief Secretary categorically said, ‘DAC is filled with hundreds of talents and the real magic of Muthukad is happening right here.’

Shylaja Teacher unveiled the project and appreciated Ranganathan and his mother who works at the University of Kerala.

KINFRA chairman Mr. Santhosh Koshy presided over the event and ensured all possible support from his side.

Dr. Ashalatha, the known neuro expert was also present to witness the performance of Ranganathan.

Sri. Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director of Different Art Centre, has promised that he will continue his journey to identify such talents wherever they are in the world to bring them into the limelight.

The episode of Ranganathan concluded for the day with the press meet.