When special children become superstars - ‘D3, Design Drama for Disabled’

23 July, 2022

The drama training for the differently abled children was unveiled at Different Art Centre (DAC), Trivandrum on 23rd July. The training programme named ‘ D3, Design Drama for Disabled’ was inaugurated by Justice Devan Ramachandran, Kerala High Court Judge.  Talking at the event, Justice Devan Ramachandran remarked that the children at DAC are superstars who are not disabled, but rather, over abled in nature. ‘We should give due respect and inclusion to differently-abled children. Their parents should allow them to live as they are so that they will be able to find their own joy and happiness,’- Justice Devan Ramachandran said.  

The Kerala High Court Judge also lauded the efforts undertaken by Different Art Centre. He added that Different Art Centre is a place where the children will enjoy a heavenly feel. Sherin, IAAS, Director, Social security mission presided over the function. Gayathri Ananthapadmanabhan, Director of the Big Little Theatre, Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director, DAC and Adv. Hari Raj, Director also participated in the function.

A drama with a message

Differently abled children performed a drama, with a message to transform the responsibility of environment protection by saving water and forest.  The audience applauded as special children issued a strong warning to the ones who are spoiling nature, in the form of a drama,  issuing a strong message to the community to protect nature. Around 50 children at DAC performed under the training and guidance of Kerala Kala Nilayam.

The drama trainer,  Gayathri expressed surprise and joy for the performance of the children. The time taken for the training was only three hours. This drama training platform at DAC will continue to train all the children who are influenced by this art form. DAC is already providing training in filmmaking, playing different types of musical instruments, singing and drawing.